Steadicam Archer 2™ Camera Stabilization System
for High End Video or Film Production Added to Product Line

Hauppauge, NY, April 20 – Steadicam, a division of The Tiffen Company, is pleased to announce their newest addition to the professional line of camera stabilizing systems – the Archer 2™.  This lightweight commercial-quality Steadicam has an extensive array of innovative new features to enhance quick set-ups/tear-downs, and is designed to accommodate a wide range of operating needs.

Standard with the new Archer 2™ is a 12/24V pivoting battery mount, HD ready wiring, 2-section telescopic carbon fiber post, no-tools operation, new “sure grip” gimbal handle, new multi-section light weight Isoelastic ™ G-40 arm, state-of-the-art ergonomically designed LX vest, and “open access” tilting camera mounting stage with optional remote controlled stage motors.

The Archer 2™ is designed for precise handling, first and foremost. Its narrow 3.2” sled width with yoke mounted monitor and precision adjustable battery assure optimum operational freedom.  The sleek lightweight sled design allows it
to be kept closer to the operator’s body and results in less fatigue and allows an operator more options, such as maneuvering through tighter spaces.

The Archer’s (patent pending) “pack and go” sled reduces its size by more than 30% for easier equipment transport and faster set-ups and teardowns. A connector rich base combined with separately adjustable battery and monitor mount provides a very versatile system that can conform to even the most demanding requirements.

When set-up, Archer’s flawless dynamics, with precision gimbal control and finely tuned distribution of mass, provides the unique feel that has set Steadicam systems apart from all others.

Equipped with the Archer 2™, is the revolutionary new G-40 Arm with a boom range of 32 inches. It is the result of years of research and testing by Garrett Brown. The G-40 is the lightest, most rigid, best-behaving, cost-effective arm, with the greatest vertical travel and lifting range in Steadicam history. In addition to Steadicam’s proprietary no-tools adjustment of lift, the G-40 features a honeycomb design that reduces arm weight substantially, yet maintains superior rigidity. The new multi-section G-40 arm can be separated into sections allowing for compact storage and transport.

The LX vest for the Archer 2™ has also been newly designed for increased operator control and comfort. Constructed of “dynamite” weather-resistant black nylon, it features an integrated lower back support pad for increased comfort, improved front waist support for a “flex-free” vest to arm interface; buckle indexing mechanism for quick, positive latching or unlatching; vertically adjustable wide stance chest plate with stiffer central spar and two-position chest buckles to accommodate varying body sizes.

Other critical improvements of the new vest include: a “sound stage friendly” anti-squeak buckle design and new, “no pinch” chest strap grips. All work together to complement the capabilities of the G-40 arm.

The Archer 2™ also incorporates a completely new camera mounting system with open access design for on-location adjustments. It also features a unique mid-rib, and the widest possible bearings for maximum stability and easy, low frictional adjust ments. With standard tilt head and optional single or dual remote stage motors, operators can use long lenses with a high degree of confidence and versatility.

The Archer 2™ is HD video compatible.  Supplied with the Archer 2™ is a standard 7" LCD, 700 nits, 16:9 composite monitor with integral frame line generator. Operators also have a choice of two high-definition LCD monitors. The 7” HD/SDI/ Composite HD Brite monitor or Tiffen’s award winning HD UltraBrite™ monitor.

In addition to its roster of capabilities, the Archer 2™ can accept batteries from Anton Bauer or IDX V-Lok that powers the monitor and 12 or 24 volt video or film cameras equipped with auxiliary power input.

“The new Steadicam Archer 2™ is the perfect system for broadcast applications, teleproduction studios and independent Steadicam operators who require a fully featured rig that is low cost and lightweight. Its unique (patent pending) folding sled design makes it the perfect mobile unit,” says Frank Rush, Manager of Steadicam.

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