Black Diffusion/FX
Gold Diffusion/FX

People always want to look good.  And they want to look even better in pictures.  Here are two more ways Tiffen helps you to get silky-smooth textures, even in tight close-ups without sacrificing image clarity.  The Black Diffusion/FX and Gold Diffusion/FX filters use a unique optical construction that produces the most advanced diffuser ever developed by Tiffen.   They create a diffused image that doesn't look like it's been shot through a filter.

The BLACK DIFFUSION/FX filter gives a silky-smooth look to textured surfaces.  So it does a spectacular job of suppressing facial blemishes and wrinkles, while maintaining a clear, focused image.   The young woman's eyes and the jewelry twined on her wrist stay crystal clear, while her face loses the "edginess" of the unfiltered shot.  The effect is flattering, by virtually eliminating unwanted details, but without being dull or "fuzzy."  At the same time, a bare minimum of highlight flare is produced.   The effect of the lighter grades is subtle, with the higher grades becoming gradually more noticeable, all capable of providing a beautiful image.

The GOLD DIFFUSION/FX filter takes the effect of the Black Diffusion/FX a step further.  It adds a soft, golden tint to shadows, and infuses images with a special warmth.  et it still manages to balance any mix of skintones.  Neutral colors appear minimally affected, while cool colors and skintones are slightly warmed and softened with beautiful results.  The veiled woman takes on a more mysterious, yet inviting, air.  At the same time, her eyes and the intricate design of the veil stay clear and sharp.  As grades increase, so does the diffusion, but the warm, golden tint stays constant. 

Tiffen filters offer a wide range of diffusion effects to help you explore and realize your vision and creativity.



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