Q: I have a customer with a CG/BB Tripod that they are looking for the quick-release post.  It looks just like the QC, except it is 3/4 inch in diameter instead of the 1/2 diameter. Are these still available in the 3/4- inch size? Is the 1/2 QC compatible with the CG/BB tripod?
A: Yes. The quick-release post for the Davis & Sanford CG/BB tripod is still available. The easiest way to order one is to call us at 800-645-2522 and wait for the prompt for Customer Service. Ask for part #QC, which will fit.
Q.  I have a small point and shoot camera. I want to carry the smallest, lightest tripod possible. What tripod do you suggest?
A.  Check out the Traveler Tripod or SwitchKit.  You will find them in our Multi-Purpose section.
Q.  I am a wedding photographer and use your Pro-T and Press-T Stroboframe brackets regularly. I heard you make tripods that will attach directly to my Stroboframe brackets.  What do you recommend?
A.  Our CourierXTT, MagnumXT, and MagnumX3T all use our FGX10 head with Stroboframe quick release system to attach directly to many Stroboframe brackets.  Look at our Multi-Purpose section for pictures and specifics.
Q.  I have several video cameras including a Canon XL2 and a JVC PD170.  I need a good sturdy professional video tripod that will support up to 15 pounds.  What tripod would be best for me?
A.  Two great video tripods are our Provista 7518 and our Provistair18.   They can support up to 18 pounds and have all the professional features you are looking for at a great price.  Check out these tripods in the Pro-Video section.
Q.  I have still and video cameras I want to use on the same tripod.  What do you recommend?
A.  Most of the tripods in the Multi-Purpose section can be used on both still and video.  The descriptions listed will help you decide which one is right for you.
Q.  I have a Davis and Sanford Tripod that is about 15 years old.  Can I get it fixed or get parts?
A.  Cameras Parts and Service Company is our service center for out of warranty tripods.  You can contact them at (615) 563-9002.
Q:  Would you please advise me regarding a good lightweight tripod for my Canon S2 IS?
A: The tripod listed below is an excellent choice for your Canon S2IS, and its price is surprisingly moderate in view of its quality and features:
David & Sanford Explorer Tripod
List Price: $39.95
Folded Length:  24"
Maximum Height: 57"
Maximum Load: 4 lbs
Head Type:  3-way fluid head
Leg Lock Type:  Quick snap leg locks
Leg Sections: 26mm-diameter aluminum 3-section legs
Q: Davis & Sanford's Ranger tripod has a quick-release plate.  Is the portion of the quick-release system that would attach to the camera included or do I have to order this part separately?
A: The entire quick-release plate, including the portion that attaches to the camera, comes with the Davis & Sanford Ranger tripod, and you do not have to buy it separately.
Q: I am interested in Davis & Sanford tripods but cannot get a straight answer from any retailer. I am most interested in having two different heads for the work I do, the F12 and the FGX10.  I can find the F12 as a separately available item, but I cannot find a retailer that sells the FGX10.
So, my questions are: 1. Is the FGX10 available as a separate item, or only available permanently mounted to one of tripods?  2. I'd prefer to buy the ProVista/F12 and put an FGX10 on it, but if I have to buy the Courier XT, does the FGX10 head come off, so I can put the F12 on it? 3. Can you suggest a reliable retailer?
A: To answer your questions succinctly, the FGX10 head is available separately. You may order this and the ProVista F12 tripod from B&H (www.bhphotovideo.com). The head on the Courier is permanently affixed, so it can't easily be used with the FGX10.
Q: I am purchasing an Olympus SP 500 digital camera and would like to know if you can suggest a good economical lightweight tripod?
A: A very nice, sturdy, lightweight tripod for your Olympus is the Davis & Sanford SwitchKit, which includes a tripod, convertible carrying case that can be used as a camera bag and a tripod bag, and a Switch Grip handle that contains a miniature tabletop tripod. Amazingly, the D&S Switch Kit lists for only $39.98.
Q: I have an old Davis & Sanford MBC/F-10 tripod that’s missing the camera mount.  Can you tell me if it's still possible to obtain one or if would it just be more economical to buy a new tripod?
A: What you need is a Davis & Sanford QC, which is still available by calling Tiffen at 631-273-2500, extension 1303. This is a far less expensive alternative than buying a new tripod of similar quality.


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