Custom Lens Mounts

Mount Tiffen lenses on your digital camera!

Some digital cameras are made with threads around the camera lens that allow direct attachment of Tiffen accessory lenses and filters. Others have no threads at all. Tiffen has engineered Custom Lens Mounts to attach Tiffen accessory lenses and filters  onto your digital camera.   Lens Mounts are made for many of the most popular digital cameras.

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Kodak DC210 Shown

camera no mount.JPG (4358 bytes)

camera with mount.JPG (3849 bytes)

camera w m&l.JPG (3648 bytes)

Camera body has no threads built into it.   Cannot mount accessory lenses.

Tiffen Custom Lens Mount snaps onto
camera and provides 37mm threads.

Tiffen lens attaches to mount, and
now can be used with the camera!


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