125C 85 FILTER

Item Number: 125C85
Price: $618.00
UPC: 049383194166
Filter Format: Larger Screw-In
Color: 85
Hi-res Image 1  
Color Conversion Filters
Sunlight, daylight, incandescent, fluorescent, and other artificial light sources all have color characteristics that vary significantly. Filters give you better images by adjusting for these light variations.
Film and video are rated for a particular color temperature such as that of daylight or tungsten light. Filters are used to correct differences in color temperature between the recording medium and the light source.
85 Series
Using tungsten film in daylight will produce a bluish cast. The 85 Series will produce natural colors when shooting with tungsten film outdoors. For best results use the filter that most accurately matches your film type.
  • Produces slightly cooler results than the 85B
  • Converts tungsten film to daylight
  • Useful as creative warming effect with daylight film in daylight
  • Designed to produce cooler results with tungsten film in daylight than the 85 or 85B
Exposure increase
5,500 to 3,400 K
2/3 stop
5,500 to 3,200 K
2/3 stop
5,500 to 3,800 K
2/3 stop
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