Simple 10 lb/4.5kg Counterbalance Weight

Item Number: A-1010
Price: $110.00
Series: Prompter Accessory
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Part No. A-1010 Simple 10 lb (4.5kg) Weight.  Counterbalance is employed when the camera system is not sufficient to offset weight forward of the lens and is recommended to achieve neutral balance on the pan & tilt head when a teleprompter has been added to the camera configuration. 

A simple weight is normally purchased to augment a Sliding Counterbalance Assembly, unless operating with a solid balance plate;  however, if customizing a sliding assembly, please also specify the respective Base Tray that is compatible with the teleprompter supplied, as follows:

A-2009-09B Base Tray - For ENG Sliding Balance Plate - 15" X 4" (375mmX100mm)

A-1215-09A Base Tray - For EFP Sliding Balance Plates

  Mid-sized at 20" X 5" (500mmX125mm)

  Full-sized at 25" X 5" (625X125mm)

 Consider adding a 10-pound weight to an existing assembly if operating with a talent display monitor below the teleprompter. 

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