Mini-mirror - Hand-held 8-inch POV

Item Number: B-3080
Price: $285.00
Series: Prompter Spare


B-3080 Mirror for LV-80 Hand-held ENG Prompter


  • Coating:  60/40 transmission/reflectivity
  • Approximate size:  10.625" X 9.375" 8.25"  (265.62mm X 237.37mm X 206.25mm) 



All Listec Prompter Mirrors (often referred to as beamsplitters or glass), are manufactured of the highest quality material and coatings. 

On par with the need for a quality display and smoothness of scroll, prompter glass is vital to a distortion-free presentation, making it more restful on the eyes of the presenter; it is also important for HD camera systems, which tend to highlight any imperfections. 

A beamsplitter is rated for transmission and reflectivity, which affects f-stop loss vis-à-vis the lens.  The greater the reflectivity, the less through-the-glass transmission there is.  Generally, because TV studio lighting is well regulated, reflectivity averages 30 percent; however, for small studios, and when lighting cannot always be controlled, 40 percent reflectivity is usual. 

Note:  Special coatings may be custom ordered. 

CAUTION:  Mirrors should be cleaned with an anti-reflectance solution, as used for non-reflective eye-glass lenses, or two-parts water to one part alcohol.  Strong ammoniated solutions should be avoided!  


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