Fold-down Trapezoidal Mirror - PT-Model Prompters

Item Number: B-3257P/LR
Price: $475.00
Series: Prompter Spare


Part No. B-3257P/LR trapezoidal Mirror for all 15-inch and 17-inch PT-Model Prompters supplied with a Wide-angle Fold-down Mirror/Soft Hood Assembly; also for 12-inch models custom ordered with the PT Mirror Assembly. 

B-3257P/LR applies to Models:

  • STL-2015PT
  • TL-2015PT-E
  • TL-2017PT-E
  • ENT-1717PT
  • ENZ-1717PT
  • ENC-1717PT   

Note:  If you are operating with a 15-inch or 17-inch P-Model Prompter featuring a standard fold-down hood, please refer to Part No. B-3015P/LR.


  • 70/30 transmission/reflectivity, low-reflectance back coating
  • Approximate size:  18" X 16" X 13.50" (450mm X 400mm X 337.50mm) 



All Listec Prompter Mirrors (often referred to as beamsplitters or glass), are manufactured of the highest quality material and coatings—important for HD camera systems, which tend to highlight any imperfections.

On par with the need for a quality display and smoothness of scroll, prompter glass is vital to a distortion-free presentation, which translates to a comfort factor for the presenter.   

A beamsplitter is rated for transmission and reflectivity, which affects f-stop loss vis-à-vis the lens.  The greater the reflectivity, the less through-the-glass transmission there is.  Generally, because TV studio lighting is well controlled, reflectivity averages 30 percent; for  location shooting, brightly lit environments and other applications, 40 percent reflectivity is usual. 

Note:  Special coatings may be custom ordered.

CAUTION:  Mirrors should be cleaned with an anti-reflectance solution, as used for non-reflective eye-glass lenses, or two-parts water to one part alcohol.  Strong ammoniated solutions should be avoided!  


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