Offset Camera Riser w/ Sliding Platform & height adjustment

Item Number: B-3451
Price: $195.00
Weight: 1.500
Series: Prompter Option
KG Weight: 0.45
Hi-res Image 1  


Consider the B-3451 Offset Camera Riser for:

a)  P-Model and PT-Model Prompters

b)  When a Riser is not included with the prompting system

c)  For other applications where a Riser might be required.


The function of a Camera Riser is to position the camera lens as far inside the Hood Assembly as possible and center to the teleprompter mirror; a Riser is also employed to facilitate lens cable clearance at the front end, particularly for low profile cameras. 

The B-3451 Offset Camera Riser features:

  • 10.5" (262.50mm) Sliding Top Platform with fore and aft adjustment
  • 3"/4"/5" (75/100/125mm) incremental height settings.

The B-3451 is compatible with all Listec balance plates.  

Works with:
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