17" Entry-level Off-camera VGA Display System only for user-supplied tripod

Item Number: EN-17PT
Price: $1275.00
Weight: 16.000
Series: Entrée
Operation: Studio
Display Size: 17"
Display Type: LCD
Scan Reversal: Software
Standard Input: VGA
Brightness: Standard
Mirror Hood: Trapezoidal Fold-down Soft
KG Weight: 7.3
Hi-res Image 1  

 Entrée Model EN-17PT Off-camera VGA Viewing Assembly for customer-supplied tripod

The Listec Entrée VGA Series was developed to provide a professional teleprompter at a cost-effective price for those new to prompting and when a composite video input is not required.

The Entrée 17-inch VGA Series employs a standard VGA computer flat-panel; however, as computers do not provide a command for image reversal, this becomes a function of either the teleprompting software, or outboard image reverser, which "flips" the image on the external prompter display and maintains it in normal mode on the computer screen.


Entrée Model EN-17PT Off-camera  17-inch VGA LCD eye-line Viewing Assembly is mounted  independent of the pan head; it is instead mounted directly into a customer-supplied tripod with 75mm or 100mm bowl top.  Comfortably viewable to 20 ft (6.1m) or more from the presenter, the Entrée OCVA (off-camera viewing assembly) is suggested for use when the tripod system does not have sufficient capacity to support the camera with teleprompter; or when prompting is not required on a regular basis.  As a bonus, the Viewing Assembly can be easily converted into a Listec on-camera prompter should the need arise.


  • 17-inch VGA LCD with 10 ft/3m VGA cable  
  • Choice of:  75mm or 100mm ball base  
  • Wide-angle Trapezoidal Fold-down Mirror/Soft Hood Assembly to accommodate lens focal length of 4.5mm or longer

Options/Accessories To Consider:

  Prompting Software for Windows - Refer to Listec A-6WIN/6A-1 and EZPrompt LVC-526

  LVC-QSPRO Prompting for Macintosh

  LSC-VGA2B VGA Horizontal Image Reverser 


Recommended carrying capacity for customer-supplied tripod:  20 lbs (9.1) 

EN-17PT Viewing Assembly:  approximately 15 lbs (6.8kg) 

Entrée VGA Flat-panel specifications:

   Scan reversal:  By prompting software or electronic image reverser

  •  17-inch 4:3 VGA LCD

  •  Input:   15-pin D-type VGA

  •  Contrast ratio:  2000:1

  •  Brightness:  300 nits cd/m²

  •  Resolution: SXGA 1280X1024

 •  Viewing angle:  160° Horizontal/Vertical

 •  Input voltage:  100-240VAC

 •  Power consumption at turn-on:  <35W

 •  Power supply:  Internal

 •  Backlight life:  50,000 hours


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