Item Number: LT-PRONEWS
Price: $4995.00

Listec PRO NEWS Professional Teleprompting Software for Newsroom Systems

Familiar Windows "best practices" user interface

Windows Vista,  7 & 8 Versions

Optional LT-HC/1 Desktop Controller
MOS Newsroom Interface:
• ENPS • Ross Video’s Inception
• Dalet • Octopus • iNews
Unicode construction for all world languages
 Import directly from almost any file type
  • Microsoft Word (doc and docx)
  • RTF, ANSI and UNICODE text files
  • Listec TXML newsroom format
  • Bookmarks, Find and Replace, Spell Check
  • Cut, Copy, Paste & Move Functions
  • Full rich text formatting
  • True WYSIWYG point and click full-screen editing
  • WYSIWYG or customized book form printing
  • Multi-script, active updating, databased runlist
  • Single or Multiple monitor ready
  • Multi-tasking: edit scripts, load/save, reorder runlist while scrolling
  • KeyWord™ - instant word storage and recall of commonly used phrases
  • Handy, customizable tool bar
  • Versatile timer - count down, stop watch or time of day
  • Extensive customizable preferences
  • Customizable, re-loadable screen layouts
  • Search and Replace with custom attributes
  • Quick right-click context menu with common commands
  • Per character font attributes - face, size, color & style
  • Paragraph styles: alignment, text leading, R to L, indents
  • Unique text zoom in/zoom out, return to normal
  • Direct Scroll™ ultra-smooth scrolling
  • Interfaces with 10 button controller, mouse
  • Automatic control arbitration for use with multiple control devices
  • RS-232 feed for standard closed captioning encoding systems
Newsroom Software Description Pricing
LT-Pronews Newsroom Prompting Software $4995.00
LT-Pronews/HC-1 Newsroom prompting software with LT-HC/1 controller $5495.00
LT-Pronews/HC-1M Newsroom prompting software with LT-HC/1 controller and 10" Script Monitor $5995.00
Technical Specs
  • Length: 4.75in (12cm), Width: 3.5in (6.4cm), Depth: 1-9/16in (4.1cm)
  • Weight: 6.1oz (173gr)
  • Connecting cables: USB 2.0 Standard 
  • Computer connector: USB 2.0 Standard Type-A
  • Equipment connector: USB 2.0 Hi-retention Type-B (printer type)
  • Case: Impact and heat-resistant polystyrene
  • Switches: Momentary contact
  • Speed Control: Analog, sealed with locking  nut, 315° rotation
  • Index marker for precise positioning
  • Color: Black
  • Red/Green LED indicate line connection status
  • Previous Marker (up arrow)
  • Next Marker (down arrow)
  • Previous Script (PRV)
  • Next Script (NXT)
  • Recall (RCL)
  • Go (Green)
  • Memory (MEM)
  • Stop (Red)
  • Bookmark (Blue)
  • Inverse (Black)*
  • Speed Control Knob (right side)


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