Mono-Prompt Direct-VU Prompter

Item Number: LV-800DV
Price: $1150.00
Weight: 10.000
Series: POV
Operation: Studio
Display Size: 8"
Display Type: LCD
Scan Reversal: Internal
Standard Input: Composite/VGA
Brightness: Standard
KG Weight: 4.5
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LV-800DV Point-of-View MonoPrompt Direct-VU Display

Listec Point-of-View Model LV-800DV 8-inch Direct-VU MonoPrompt was designed for specialty applications where through-the-lens viewing is not a requirement. The slim-line MonoPrompt is a simple reading aid that can be unobtrusively placed in areas where space is limited. Ideal for messaging, choir placement and between seat rows; perfect for musicians, entertainers and corporate meetings. Readable up to 10 ft (3m) from the viewer. 
8-inch Flat-panel Display with scan reversal by a simple menu command
Multi-input A/V cable for selectable Composite/S-Video/VGA inputs
Manually Adjustable Stand with Weighted Base
Options/Accessories To Consider:
• A-6WIN/6A-1 Windows InstantEdit Prompting Software System
LV-800DV Display with Stand: 10 lbs (4.5kg)
POV Flat-panel specifications:
 Scan reversal by simple menu command
 Vertical positioning of the prompter assembly
 Fore and aft positioning of the LCD
 Brightness: 320 nits
 Viewing angle: 130° horizontal
 Resolution: VGA 640X480
 Power Connector: 4-pin XLR
 Power: 12VDC
 Power Drawer: 10W
 Operating range: 11-13VDC (by an external 110V, or 240V adapter)
 Compatibility: NTSC and PAL
 Standard Selectable Inputs: Composite/S-Video/VGA
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