12" Enhanced Studio Prompter for Mini DVs 10 lb or under

Item Number: MZLT-1012S
Price: $4895.00
Weight: 19.000
Series: Z-PRO
Operation: Studio
Display Size: 12"
Display Type: Custom LED
Scan Reversal: Internal
Standard Input: Composite/VGA
Brightness: Enhanced
Mirror Hood: Standard Rigid Trapezoidal Studio
KG Weight: 8.6
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Z-PRO MZLT-1012S Enhanced Brightness 12-inch Mini DV Studio Prompter 


 Z-PRO Model MZLT-1012S 12-inch Enhanced Brightness LED Flat-panel On-Camera Prompter for Mini DV Camcorders weighing up to 10 lbs (4.5kg) is configured with a Standard-sized Trapezoidal  Studio Hood and is suggested for in-house applications.  Comfortably readable up to 15 ft (4.6m) or more from the presenter. 


Taking advantage of the latest TFT display technology, Z-PRO flat panels incorporate the finest quality glass and electronics available.  The MZLT's superior brightness and contrast make it ideal for highly lit venues and areas where lighting cannot be controlled.  All MZLT models feature enhanced brightness and contrast and include both VGA and Composite Video inputs as standard. 

Z-PRO's compact all-in-one design mounts the prompter with camera over the pan head's balance point, eliminating the need for rear counterbalance weight while still providing a full range of adjustment. Nothing additional is required; unlike some budgetary systems, reversal of the text for correct reflection off the prompter mirror is selectable by a simple menu command; this means that the display can be used in prompter mode or for direct viewing. 

Assuming a camera weight of 10 lbs (4.5kg), a tripod system with sufficient capacity to support an all-up weight of at least 30 lbs (13.6kg) is recommended. 


12-inch Enhanced Brightness LED Flat-panel Display with vandal shield for panel protection 

Standard-sized Studio Trapezoidal Mirror/Hood Assembly with simple LED Tally Light.  (Will  accommodate lens focal length of 4.5mm or longer.) 

Z-Mount Support System with Sliding Camera Plate designed to accept Mini DV Camcorders measuring up to 11 inches (275mm) from lens mount to camera back.

Options/Accessories To Consider: 

  LM-SDI Factory installed Add-on, SDI connector 

  BT-3509-ASSY Factory installed Internal SensaTally featuring auto-sensing from light source and brightness control.  Positioned inside center-front of display case. 

  BT-3510-ASSY Factory installed External SensaTally Assembly 

  A-6WIN/6A-1 Windows InstantEdit Prompting Software System 


MZLT-1012S Mini DV Prompter Weight:  19 lb (8.6) 

12-inch MZLT Z-PRO LED Flat Panel:
    Vandal Shield for LED protection
    2 X looping BNC Composite Inputs with 75-Ohm termination switch
    1X DB 15-Pin VGA connector
    Remote Control for selection of all settings from easy-to-read menus
    Image Reversal by menu command
    Enhanced Brightness:  1500 nits
    Contrast:  1000:1
    Resolution:  SVGA 800X600
    Power inputs:  12VDC ±10% by means of external universal A/C Adapter
    Power draw:  Under 25W at maximum brightness
    Backlight life:  45,000 hours
    Viewing angle:  178° horizontal
    Operating temperature:  -22°F—158°F/-30°C—70°C
    TV Standard:  NTSC/PAL/SECAM
    RoHS compliant 

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