Return Video Support Assembly, less display

Item Number: PVM-100
Price: $1195.00
Weight: 6.500
Series: Prompter Option
KG Weight: 2.9
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 Model PVM-100 Return Video Flat-panel Support System

   The Listec PVM-100 is a rigidly constructed mount providing three axes of adjustment for maximum clearance,  including:  vertical positioning, forward extension and tilt.  It will accept flat-panel display sizes through 20-inch and features the VESA 75mm and 100mm wall-mount standard.

With the addition of a customer-supplied flat panel, the Listec direct-view PVM is positioned beneath the prompter to typically "broadcast" the on-air feed (or other station content),  keeping the presenter in the loop. 

While the PVM Support System, less display, weighs just 6.5 lb (2.9kg), the addition of weight to the front end of the camera system will likely require that rear counterbalance be added in order to maintain neutral balance on the pan & tilt head. 

Ensure the tripod/pedestal assembly has sufficient capacity to support the additional weight.


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