15" Studio Off-camera LED Viewing Assembly only, LESS Tripod

Item Number: STL-15SAS-LT
Price: $4395.00
Weight: 18.000
Series: SpectraLite
Operation: Studio/Field OB
Display Size: 15"
Display Type: Custom LED
Scan Reversal: Internal
Standard Input: Composite
Brightness: Standard
Mirror Hood: Standard-sized Rigid Trapezoidal Studio
KG Weight: 8.2

 Spectra-Lite STL-2015SAS-LT 15-inch SOLO Stand-alone Viewing Assembly


Spectra-Lite Model STL-2015SAPT-LT SOLO 15-inch Flat-panel Stand-alone eye-line Viewing Assembly for customer-supplied tripod.  Features Standard-sized Studio Trapezoidal Mirror/Hood Assembly for customer-supplied tripod.  When mounted into a bowl-top tripod, creates a SOLO Stand-alone off-camera teleprompter.  Comfortably viewable up to 20 ft (6.1m) from the presenter.  Suggested for use when the tripod system does not have sufficient capacity to support the camera with teleprompter; or when prompting is not required on a regular basis.


SOLO is a versatile, cost effective system that provides true off-camera, eye-line prompting.  Independent of the pan head, the prompter display assembly is mounted into its own customer-supplied tripod and placed directly in front of the camera lens in the traditional manner. 

Fully expandable, the SOLO Viewing Assembly can easily be adapted to a Listec on-camera prompter mount. 


High quality Spectra-Lite 15-inch LED Flat-panel with Vandal Shield for display protection, Leveling Bubble and 100mm Ball Base (a 75mm ball base may be substituted upon request) 

Standard-sized Studio Trapezoidal Mirror/Hood Assembly with simple LED Tally Light.  (Will  accommodate lens focal length of 4.5mm or longer.) 

Options/Accessories To Consider: 
  LM-VGA Factory installed Add-on, DB 15-Pin VGA connector
  LM-SDI Factory installed Add-on, SDI connector
  BT-3509-ASSY Factory installed Internal SensaTally featuring auto-sensing from light  source and brightness control.  Positioned inside center-front of display case.
  BT-3510-ASSY Factory installed External SensaTally Assembly
  A-6WIN/6A Prompting Software System
STL-2015SAPT-LT SOLO 15-inch Viewing Assembly featuring Trapezoidal Studio Mirror/Hood Assembly with Ball Base - Weight:  approximately 18 lbs (8.2kg)
Recommended carrying capacity for customer-supplied tripod:  25 lbs (11.3kg) 


15-inch Spectra-Lite LED Flat Panel:
    Vandal Shield for LED protection
    2 X looping BNC Composite Inputs with 75-Ohm termination switch
    Remote Control for selection of all settings from easy-to-read menus
    Image Reversal by menu command
    Standard Brightness:  400 nits
    Contrast:  700:1
    Resolution:  XGA 1024X768
    Power inputs:  12VDC ±10% by means of external universal A/C Adapter
    Power draw:  Under 30W at maximum brightness
    Backlight life:  45,000 hours
    Viewing angle:  160° horizontal
    Operating temperature:  -22°F—158°F/-30°C—70°C
    TV Standard:  NTSC/PAL/SECAM
    RoHS compliant
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