15" Studio Off-camera Prompter with LED Display & Tripod-Dolly

Item Number: STL-2015SASD
Price: $5675.00
Weight: 35.000
Series: SpectraLite
Operation: Studio
Display Size: 15"
Display Type: Custom LED
Scan Reversal: Internal
Standard Input: Composite
Brightness: Standard
Mirror Hood: Standard-sized Rigid Trapezoidal Studio
KG Weight: 15.9

Spectra-Lite STL-2015SAS 15-inch SOLO Stand-alone Studio Prompter with Dolly

Spectra-Lite Model STL-2015SAS SOLO 15-inch Flat-panel Stand-alone eye-line Prompter features a Standard-size Studio Trapezoidal Mirror/Hood Assembly with simple LED Tally Light and is comfortably viewable up to 20 ft (6.1m) from the presenter.   Suggested for use when a full-size teleprompter is required and the tripod system has insufficient capacity to support the camera with teleprompter; or when prompting is not required on a regular basis. 


SOLO is a versatile, cost effective system that provides true off-camera, eye-line prompting.  Independent of the pan head, the prompter display assembly is mounted into its own tripod and placed directly in front of the camera lens in the traditional manner.  As a bonus, when the prompter is not in service, SOLO's tripod and dolly can serve double-duty elsewhere; better yet,  the SOLO Viewing Assembly can easily be adapted to an on-camera prompter mount.


High quality Spectra-Lite 15-inch LED Flat-panel with Vandal Shield for display protection, Leveling Bubble and 100mm Ball Base 

Standard-sized Studio Trapezoidal Mirror/Hood Assembly with simple LED Tally Light.  (Will  accommodate lens focal length of 4.5mm or longer.) 

Two-stage Aluminum Tripod with 100mm Bowl-top 

Simple Dolly with 3-inch (75mm) locking casters

Options/Accessories To Consider: 

  LM-VGA Factory installed Add-on, DB 15-Pin VGA connector
  LM-SDI Factory installed Add-on, SDI connector
  BT-3509-ASSY Factory installed Internal SensaTally featuring auto-sensing from light source and brightness
   control.  Positioned inside center-front of display case.
  BT-3510-ASSY Factory installed External SensaTally Light Assembly
  L-SP1 Tripod Floor Spreader for tripod when Dolly is not required
  TC-SOLO-STL Hard Transit Case for SOLO DISPLAY ASSEMBLY only
  TC-SOLO-SC9 Soft Padded Carry Bag for SOLO Tripod without Dolly
  A-6WIN/6A Prompting Software System


STL-2015SASD SOLO Studio Prompter with Tripod and Dolly:  approximately 35 lb (16.3kg)
   Display Assembly:  approximately 18 lbs (8.2kg)
   Tripod without Dolly:  approximately 8 lbs (3.6kg)
   Dolly weight:  approximately 9 lb (4.1kg)
   Dolly, folded length: 19.7" (50cm)
   Tripod carrying capacity:  77 lbs (35kg)  


15-inch Spectra-Lite LED Flat Panel:
    Vandal Shield for LED protection
    2 X looping BNC Composite Inputs with 75-Ohm termination switch
    Remote Control for selection of all settings from easy-to-read menus
    Image Reversal by menu command
    Standard Brightness:  400 nits
    Contrast:  700:1
    Resolution:  XGA 1024X768
    Power inputs:  12VDC ±10% by means of external universal A/C Adapter
    Power draw:  Under 30W at maximum brightness
    Backlight life:  45,000 hours
    Viewing angle:  160° horizontal
    Operating temperature:  -22°F—158°F/-30°C—70°C
    TV Standard:  NTSC/PAL/SECAM
     RoHS compliant 
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