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Metz Quick-Release Flash Mounts
Although the Bracket Handle Mount (300-HAN) fits Metz flash units, those who prefer to use Metz's own quick-release system need to use one of the following Stroboframe mounts.  All mounts have a machined tongue that slides directly into the Metz quick-release coupling.  Its locating pin ensures that it won't twist on the bracket.

Stroboframe Metz mounts are offered in several variations to accommodate all Metz models and all Stroboframe brackets.
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Metz Flash Units
Stroboframe Flash Brackets 45 and 60 Series 50MZ-5

RL 2000, R4b, Camera Flip, QR66,
HGB*, R66*, RL/c* and SQ 2000*

Metz Mount 2

Metz Mount 3

Pro-T**, Press-T

Metz Mount 2

Not Recommended

Pro-RL, Pro-SQ

Metz Mount 4

Metz Mount 4

Flash/Umbrella Bracket

Metz Mount 2 or 4

Metz Mount 2 or 4

*Discontinued models
**Although the Pro-T and Press-T accept the 50MZ using a Metz Mount 2, it is not the recommended combination. The 50MZ-5 is very bulky for these compact brackets and the combination results in a slight misalignment of the flash and lens axes. We recommend that you use the Pro-RL or Pro-SQ brackets with this flash.

Metz Mount 2 - Cat. No. 300-418
Metz Mount 3 - Cat. No. 300-428
Metz Mount 4 - Cat. No. 300-438

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