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Portable Light Modifiers
The best value in reflectors today!

Portable light modifiers—definitely one of the easier, more convenient ways to get dramatically better photographic results! If you're at all serious about photography, you should have a set of these with you whenever you're shooting. And now, with Stroboframe POPS, you can have this valuable tool at a savings of 10-30% over comparable light modifiers.

Compare POPS to the competition in terms of the durability and reflectivity of our fabrics, the strength of our foldable steel frames, and the color choices, and then compare prices—you'll see our value is unbeatable!

Get the lighting right, right away
Stroboframe POPS are available in four two-sided combinations: silver/white, gold/white, silver/gold, and Zebra Gold & White/White. Each is available in three diameters: 22", 32" and 42". With just a few combinations and sizes, you have a variety of creative lighting effects at your fingertips. Each comes in its own carrying case, and "pops" out flat when removed. So, you're ready to shoot immediately. There's no assembly (or disassembly) needed. There's no possibility of the " ghosting" effect caused by umbrella ribs. And, POPS can easily be used in hard-to-light situations where there's limited space.

Create a variety of special lighting effects—easily, quickly
Stroboframe POPS are very lightweight. They can be handheld for an extended amount of time, or attached to lightstands by means of everyday studio clamps. The steel frame and durable fabric stand up to frequent use. The frame is joint-sealed to protect the fabric, and the fabric is ultra-strong poly tricot. For more wear-resistance, the silver and gold finishes are laminated.

  • Available in silver/white, gold/white, silver/gold, Zebra Gold & White/White
  • Three sizes of each combination: 22", 32", 42"
  • Work with tungsten, flash and natural light
  • Work in the studio and on location, indoors and out
  • Fold/store to 1/3 size when not in use
  • "Pop" out flat every time
  • Carrying case included
  • Five-Year Warranty!

Use the reflector that  gives you the effect you want
White provides a soft, natural light that fills shadows and boosts highlights. Makes the most of available light in outdoor portraits.

Silver is a very effecient reflective surface. Adds a snappier, high-contrast image that's best for video, B&W and product photography.

Gold warms up any scene, including the shadow areas. Can be used to add a sunset effect. Creates beautiful skintones in fashion shots and portraits.

Remember you can mix different reflectors in the same shot to get varied, interesting results.

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