Q: I will be going to Alaska on a 7-day river float and need a bag that can keep my camera equipment dry from heavy rains. Weight is a consideration as we are flying into the area in a small plane. (That's why I ruled out the Pelican case.) I am only taking two lenses a long 70-200 lens, one smaller lens and two bodies. I will have extra batteries and memory cards and a few other small items. I keep my memory cards and batteries in double zip-lock bags as extra protection. I would like a bag that I can get into easily, but would keep water out.  Any suggestions?
A: We do not make any bag that is completely waterproof. However, the Domke J2 bag, which is made of Ballistic Nylon is sufficiently water repellent and well sealed to protect your equipment against rain. The J2, which is used by many pros who work in challenging environments, measures 12x6-1/2x9 inches so it will hold all your equipment, and it provides convenient accessibility.
Q: Are you no longer making the Domke Bureau Chief satchel, F-806?
A: You are correct--we no longer offer the Domke Bureau Chief Satchel. The largest one in the current line is the Domke Reporter's Satchel, which measures 15-1/2x4x12 inches.
Q: I own a Domke camera bag. It’s been a while since I bought my bag and it’s gotten a bit dirty over time.  In addition I used it in the last month while covering a movie that was shot in the desert so the bag got sandy as well. My question, as you have guessed. is how do I clean my bag?
A: Your Domke bag is constructed of heavy, durable canvas material and it can be washed on gentle cycle in a washing machine or in a sink or tub using mild detergent. We suggest you vacuum out any sand first. We have examined many old Domke bags that have been machine washed several times and look and work just fine after much hard use.
Q: Which Domke bag do you recommend for a Hasselblad 500C/M camera and two or three lenses?
A: We would recommend the Domke 700-10B (That's the black one--it's also available in olive, navy, and sand with an O, N or S suffix). This sturdy bag has inside dimensions of 17x6-3/4 inches and is 9-inches high. It has four removable inner compartments and roomy outside pockets so it should do the job for your Hasselblad 500C/M outfit.
Q: I have a Domke F-805 and I'm looking for an accessory pouch that's big enough to hold a Canon 70-200L IS with mounting foot/hood attached (hood reversed, of course) that can attach to the outside mount points.   Do you make something bigger than your F-902 pouch that can do this?   It didn't appear this pouch was anywhere near big enough for this.  And  if you don't make one, is there another manufacturer's accessory pouch/lens case/ that is compatible with your system that I could use?
A: We understand why you want to attach a lens pouch to the mounting points of your Domke F-805, but the 70-200mm Canon L IS is a mighty large, heavy, and expensive lens, and may not be suitable for the carrying method you have in mind. In any event, the F-902 pouch measures 11x6x3 (that last dimension of 3 inches being the problem) and it attaches with Velcro strips, not a method we would want to use with a $1,500 or so lens in any case! We do have a large Zing drawstring pouch, but its specs are "4-1/2x9" and you would still have the same mounting problem. If we were aware of a case made by some other company that would work, we would certainly give you the info, but unfortunately we don't.
Q: I am looking for a long, thin Domke camera strap. Which one is that? I cannot tell?
A: We think what you want is the 1-inch-wide Domke camera strap, which comes in swivel and non-swivel models in black, navy, and tan. The model numbers for the black versions are 740-6BK (no swivel) and 741-6BK (swivel), The model numbers for the navy and tan models are the same, except that the last two letters are NY (navy) and TN (tan) instead of BK.
Q: Are Domke camera bags still being made in the USA?
A: Yes, Domke camera bags are still made in the USA, but they may include some components of foreign origin. Virtually all other brands of camera bags are manufactured in the Far East.
Q: I have been looking at Domke bags for a number of reasons, including their reputation good design. I found the model F-804 on your website and this looks like the bag I need as it will accommodate my 17-inch Powerbook,  Canon DSLT plus lenses and  flash. But, to be sure, will the Powerbook two 100 mm-long lenses, a DSLR camera body plus accessories fit? What extras do I need? Are there alternative bags from Domke?  Could I order directly from you? If not, is there a shop in The Netherlands or Germany you could recommend?
A: The Domke F-804 will serve you beautifully for what you want to do. No extras are needed. Dimensions (inside) are 15L X 6.5W X 12.5D in inches plus 2 big pockets. We do not sell direct, but have a dealer in Germany called MONO C that can be reached at 561935190.
Q: Has Domke ever produced an F2 bag in gray?  I have used Domke bags since 1980 and have never seen this color. A bag like this is currently being offered on eBay and was wondering if this is possibly a counterfeit.
A: You're right, but in the past year, Domke F-2 was reproduced as a Limited Edition in grey (http://www.tiffen.com/displayproduct.html?tablename=domke&itemnum=700-02G). However, please be careful as bags claiming to be Domke bags that are not purchased through an authorized Domke dealer or distributor may, in fact, be counterfeit. It has come to our attention that a few resellers including some selling on eBay are passing off counterfeit (fake) Domke bags as the genuine products.  These “fake” bags are made in China but are labeled “made in USA.”  The bags are exact copies but produced with inferior materials and workmanship. This practice is illegal and Tiffen is taking exhaustive measures to stop this trade. We recommend that you purchase your genuine Domke bag from one of our authorized Domke dealers or distributors around the world and if in doubt contact us directly on our website at http://www.tiffen.com.
Q: I'm considering buying a Domke Photographer’s Vest. What size would you recommend for me? I'm 6'9" (204 cm) with a 36" waist, 45-46" chest and a 17.5" neck. Please advise the appropriate size since I have to mail order the vest and none of my local dealers has it in stock.
A: Normally, we'd suggest a Domke XL Photo Vest based on your waist and chest measurements, but because of your height, we'd go with an XXL to get the additional length you need. The XXL is available in black or khaki.

Q: I've just bought the Domke item 735-001 (Photographer’s-jacket small) from Adorama, and I realize the arms are a little short while the jacket itself is a little too long to fit me properly. Please note I'm not that unusually proportioned. If there some professional use reason that would explain why the jacket doesn’t fit me and is there anything I can do about it?
A: Basically your only option is to have a tailor modify the sleeves to make them a little longer. We have no replacement sleeves available separately, and we doubt whether you would want to buy a medium jacket (which will be even longer than the small on you've got) just to get a longer pair of sleeves. As for the jacket itself being a little too long, the solution is basically to live with it, to have it modified, or to return it. We’re sorry we can't offer you a more satisfactory solution. We do not believe that there is any "professional use" reason for the jacket's design, but there will obviously be some people who have size issues with any ready-made product.
Q: I am thinking of buying the Domke F 802 Reporter's Satchel. I recently bought a Canon EOS 30D. I have a flash and two extra lenses. Will it be large enough and also I am concerned about how much padding there is in the bag and in the insert to protect the LCD monitor from damage. Will it protect the LCD? This is my first digital camera with an LCD and I am a little concerned.
A: Since the main compartment of the F 802 Reporter's Satchel measures 15-1/1x4x12 inches and the bag has 7 compartments, it should be ample for your EOS 30D, 2 lenses and a flash, so long as your "2 lenses" are not extremely large super-teles or the like. It will also provide very good protection for your camera and its LCD. This bag weighs 2-1/2 lbs. and many pros carry their DSLRs in bags that are far less substantial and protective than this one.
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