View Full Version : F3x rugged wear review

09-30-2009, 01:28 PM
just recieved mine and all i can say is
this bag is fricking beautiful
it is actually nicer than i imagined it would look,
it really looks like leather
feels like leather
and kind a smells like leather
i was kind of worried at the picture of it on the Domke web site showing the colour of the strap to be almost white, and it is not, its actuallly about the same colour as that used on the sand, which is a really nice match to the rugged wear colour
am serious Domke came thru real good with this one

compared to the F3X sand, the rugged wear has
the two rings at the back
on the flap on the inside has an American flag
the front latch, is positioned correctly
the hand strap is 6" shorter
the rubber grips on the shoulder strap i can actually feel it
i am convinced i got an original this time