View Full Version : What do you carry in a bag?

Jim Domke
06-21-2012, 02:46 PM
Interesting article in recent http://www.popphoto.com/gear/2012/06/inside-camera-bag-what-i-brought-to-cairo?page=0,1&cmpid=enews062112&spPodID=020&spMailingID=4607737&spUserID=MTE1NzU4MzcxNjIS1&spJobID=276015321&spReportId=Mjc2MDE1MzIxS0 Carries an couple of trash bags to keep bag dry if it rains in Eygpt!? I found it interesting as to what lenses and the digital tape recorder. I'm guessing he tapes surround sound, interviews, speeches, etc. so he can do multi-media slide shows. I'm surprized not to see any of his gear for shooting motion.

I use to be able to cover any newspaper event with 2 lenses, a 21mm on a Leica and a 180mm f/2.8 Nikkor on my SLR. Maybe have an 85mm F/1.8 just in..

Today in the digital world, I'm transitioning from still to motion. Which has motivated me to use a tripod more. I like my 7-14mm zoom which covers what the old 21mm did in 35mm days and instead of the 180mm I now carry a 50-200mm F/3.5 zoom. Two lenses and two bodies. Sticking to the easy to use E-3 Olympus and trying to combo still-video with a microDSLR/no mirror camera that shoots both still and motion. (I'm having fun with the new tiny microDSLR, except they are slower to use and make exposure changes. But they take up a lot less space and I can use the E-3's lenses with an adaptor.)

I think he ought to carry some filters, like the protective ones and also maybe a couple of neutral density filters (so I can shoot wide-open) and a polarizing filter.

I like a monopod too, expecially when I can raise the camera up to look down on a subject, not to mention steady the camera in low light. It is interesting how a tripod is becoming more useful for shooting both video and getting multiple exposures (bracketing exposure) that let you open shadows and burn in highlight details. Can't leave home without one.

It's a challenge to know when to concentrate on freezing the moment and when to do a video. I also am carrying a digital ZOOM recorder and filling up the external HD using a tiny netbook.

It's a lot easier today, fewer lenses and not having to carry 20-40 rolls of film.