View Full Version : Domke Bag is just a gear bag

Jim Domke
09-21-2012, 10:16 AM
I use to call the Domke Bag a camera bag, but digital photography has enabled cameras to do both still and motion. Photographers now come back with sound to go along with their slide show. The pocket I thought needed to be large enough for 15 rolls of film is now where I store the digital audio recorder with a mic.

As the gear evolves, there's still a need for a working bag.

Here's an email I recently rec'd...

Dear Jim,

I don't often review equipment purchases, but I recently bought your J-2 bag and thought you might enjoy the review I just posted on the B&H website:

"I bought this bag to make a portable lighting rig and am simply amazed at the volume of equipment it will accept. Surprisingly, I am able to neatly fit two packs, two extra batteries, two strobe heads, two adapter rings, two cords, and a battery charger... two full lighting kits and there is still a bit of room for little odds and ends. I am not talking about speed lights, but rather full scale portable strobes. Despite being quite hefty with all that gear, the bag is still comfortable to carry. Hats off to Jim Domke - what a smart guy! I have bags with larger exterior dimensions that don't carry nearly as much stuff."


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