View Full Version : Thanks for the F1x!

05-26-2010, 09:58 PM
I needed to take an old Nikon 400/3.5 that I picked up recently to shoot at a high school graduation. I thought the only bag I had that would hold it was a backpack, but I hate working out of backpacks. I decided to see just how much it would hang out of my F1x. Low and behold IT FIT in the the back pocket! It would even zip (until I put a Gary Fong Lighsphere in with the lense). This was great! I could actually carry everything I needed except for the monopod (probably could have run it through the handle) in one bag and had room left over. Jim, thanks for designing such a great bag. I've used Domkes for years, but I still keep finding new things I can do with them!