View Full Version : Considering an 802/803 replacement

03-02-2009, 05:06 PM

I have been using an 803 and 802 for years and really like them. The 803 was fine for 2- M-6's each with a 50 summicron and I had room for my 35 summicron and 90 F/2.8 linked together as well as enough film for a good days shoot.

I later bought the 802 to accommodate the above plus 2 SLR's. Using various inserts, it all worked quite well.

Now I am need to accommodate 2- m-6's with 50 summincron, an M8 with a 28 F/2.8, the 35 and 90 linked together and a 75, 1.4. I'll also need room for say 10 or 12 rolls of film, 3 filters, cards etc. I can make this work with the 802 but find it a bit deep (top to bottom). I was considering an F2 or F6, little bit smaller bag thinking it may be more comfortable and provide easier access.

Any thoughts?