View Full Version : Do different models and brands of video tripods have interchangeable heads?

01-20-2011, 03:33 AM
I am getting a video tripod that is quite heavy for sturdy shooting. I want to know if most video tripods have universally interchangeable heads just in case I would like to get a lighter set of legs for easier mobility. My tripod is a Davis and Sanford ProVist Airlift tripod.

Jason Schneider
01-20-2011, 12:23 PM
The head on the ProVista Airlift tripod is easily removable by unscrewing the Allen bolts under the head. You can then mount the head (most likely an FM18) on the Davis & Sanford ATPG, an all-terrain tripod with geared center post, resulting in an excellent, somewhat lighter video capable tripod. However, the ATPG weighs 5 pounds and the FM18 head weigh about 4 pounds, bringing the total weight to around 9 pounds. Another good solution at a similar price point is to opt for a David & Sanford ProVista GR18 tripod with grounder capability that comes complete with the FM18 head and weighs 6.9 pounds total. That way you wouldn't have to remove the head from your ProVista Airlift. We suggest you take a look at both units on the website to see which one best suits your needs. Good luck , and good shooting, Jason Schneider