View Full Version : I want to set up a lil photo studio, is this tripod good enough?

05-09-2011, 03:52 AM
Hey guys,

I'm on a really tight budget. The heaviest gear is my canon 450D attached to my 70-200mm L lens, its about 1,1 kilo. I want to buy the Davis & Sanford traveler tripod (15 euros). It's really cheap and exactly what I need, but is this tripod safe.

Oh and by the way, could someone give me an advice for what lighting i should buy? I don't know if I should buy a softbox umbrella or a flash umbrella. The flash umbrella can be used as a diffusor and as a light source.

Jason Schneider
05-09-2011, 08:54 PM
Here is our recommendation for the most economical David & Sanford tripod that is suitable for your "little studio" application: the EXPLORERV TRIPOD. It is sturdier and somewhat more stable than the Traveler. As for the lighting, you really have to decide whether you want a continuous light source or a flash with a diffuser. Both are viable options and we suggest that you talk it over with a lighting specialist in your area to determine the most cost-effective alternative for the type of subjects you will be shooting. Best of luck and good shooting. Jason Schneider

Here's a link to a picture and the basic specs and features. Note:The street price of this tripod in the U.S. is about $29 so it is not that much more expensive than the Traveler.


Item Number: EXPLORERV
List Price: $39.99
UPC: 049383208344
Weight: 3.000
Maximum Load: 4 lbs.
Maximum Height: 60"
Minimum Height: 22"
Folded Length: 23"
Warranty: 10 years

ExplorerV Tripod
- Perfect for digital, video and still cameras weighing up to 4 pounds.
- 25mm-diameter aluminum 3-section legs.
- 1" aluminum alloy channel.
- Quick release leg locks.
- Leg support brace with lock.
- 3-way fluid head, 2-way tilt plus pan, quick release plate and bubble level on base.
- 11" geared center post with carry hook.
- Carry handle
- Non slip adjustable rubber feet
- Maximum Height: 60"
- Minimum Height: 22"
- Folded Length: 23"
- Maximum Load: 4 lbs.
- Weight: 3 lbs
- Tripod Bag

12-03-2011, 05:53 PM
Hi i need help with picking out a good tripod for my canon 50d, i dont want to spend over 175 bucks. Thanks

Jason Schneider
12-05-2011, 09:03 AM
Hi, The most cost effective solution for you is the Davis & Sanford Voyager LTB, street price under $50, which has a maximum load capacity of 8 pounds, and a maximum height of 63 inches. It's also a great travel tripod because it folds to 21 inches for easy packing and weighs only 3 pounds. Good luck & good shooting!:)

04-18-2012, 02:00 PM
The best tripod is the one you actually take with you. The second most important consideration is stability. Thats why its best to have a sturdy travel tripod that weighs about 4 pounds or less and folds to 24 inches or less, and a larger medium-sized tripod for home/studio use that provides maximum stability and can be used with super telephoto lenses, for macro photography, etc. For point-and-shoot cameras its also great to have a mini tripod that can be set up on a tabletop or other flat, secure surface, and will fit in a small camera bag when folded. Which one do you buy first? It depends on your shooting priorities, but I will be happy to make suggestions if you tell me your budget and use profile. Jason Schneider, Moderator: