View Full Version : imy new f3x

04-04-2009, 08:55 AM
just gt my f3x yesterday in the mail...black....i bought it used in brand new condition for 69.00 ...could not be happier ...i have been using a crumpler 7 million dollar home for over 2 years ...i love the padding and the materials the crumplers are made out of however they are still bulky and not very comfortable to walk around with ....the domke is great !!!!!! as soon as i got it i put my walk around camera in it my Pentax k10d with a 18-55 lens and 50-200lens kit lens and a few odds and ends .....i have my other pentax K20d w/grip and 3 lens 2.4 70mm 2.8 50-135 and a 2.8 18-50 plus flash etra batteries and a bunch of other stuff in the crumpler...i now thinking of selling the crumpler and try to find a bigger version of the f3x for my stuff .:D

anyone know which model is the bigger version of the fx3?

04-07-2009, 12:14 PM
Depending on how much bigger you want, the F4Af's a little bigger; the F2, F1x and F7 Double AF are significantly bigger (in increasing order of size). Any of the last 3 will handle 2 bodies with assorted lenses. The F2 or larger should handle all the stuff you named.