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moorea 12-07-2009 06:30 PM

Domke Bag & The Very BIG Sigma 150 - 500mm
Hello to All,

I am currently considering a Domke F-2 or F-3 backpack. I do not have an overwhelming ammount of equipment but for Christmas I am getting a sigma 150-500mm lens, which I believe is 9". I am a little confused as to which bag and or inserts I will need. The bag needs to meet airline carry on restrictions. I will be carrying the following equipemt:

Nikon D80
sigma 150 - 500 and/or nikon 70 - 300
nikon 18 - 70
sigma 50 macro
Misc filters, SD cards, batteries, charger etc.

I do not need to carry the sigma 150 - 500 and the nikon 70 - 300 at the same time but if it is possible that would be cool.

In addition I will need room for a good book, a wallet, a cell phone, an MP3 player, and larger boes headphones, maybe even PSP (which is why I thought the back ideal)

So will the F2 or F3 backpacks work for me? If so which inserts do I need to purchase to make this all happen. If the backpacks won't work can someone suggest an alternative and the needed inserts.

Thanks for the help!

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