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Giuanniello 12-16-2009 10:57 AM

Advise for a bag
Hi all,
I was looking for a backpack to contain my two bodies and few lenses along a laptop for my (rare) journeys but I realized they are quite big and don't look nice, I then hit a forum where I read about the Domke and I fell in love.

I changed my mind and now look for a shoulder bag to only carry one body with a zoom lens and a tele (like the 300mm f4) or the two bodies (a Fuji S5 and a Panny DMC-L1) both with a zoom lens or a couple fixed ones along with the mobile and a few accessories.

I saw the F3x that I like a lot but before to buy would like to understand if it can fit my stuff for daily trips and which is the difference between the nylon one and the canvas one as I am more into the second for the way it looks and feel but not sure how to choose and, even more, how to make sure I buy the right one given I have to order online, which is the model that comes in nylon and which in canvas?

thanks, all suggestions welcome


Jon 12-17-2009 10:31 AM

I think the F3x will be too small for a 300 f/4; at least my Canon 300 f/4 IS is bigger than I'd carry in my F3x.You might look at the F2 (where you'd need to get a 3-compartment FA-230 (720-230) insert since the 4-compartment one it comes with won't be suitable for a long lens like most 300s). The lens (with or without camera) would then go on its side. Another option would be (assuming ungripped camera bodies) the F-802 satchel with the 720-230 insert. This is deep enough to accept my 300 f/4 vertically, although not when the camera is attached.

To the best of my knowledge, all the nylon Domke bags are either J-series or have a "B" (for ballistic nylon) after the model name (F3XB, for instance). They also only come in black (the canvas colour options include black, as well as blue, sand, olive and brown). Any bag listed under the "Classic Camera Bags" lilnk [url=http://www.tiffen.com/products.html?tablename=domke]here[/url] will be canvas; any bag under the "Ballistic Camera Bags" link will be nylon.

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