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jcothron 03-05-2010 11:18 PM

Domke Ruggedwear...how rugged is it?
***I'm posting this short story hear at the suggestion that Domke may want to hear it. The full thread including responses can be found at:

[url=www.photography-on-the.net/forum/showthread.php?t=835846]Thread link at POTN[/url]

[QUOTE]I'm a fully admitted skeptic of Domke bags...but that is in the past. After looking for years and deciding on something else at the last minute, I finally purchased a Domke bag about a month ago. That was an F-3x, and it became my constant companion. As far as I'm concerned, everything you read is true.. They're great to shoot out of, are comfortable, adequate protection, capable of holding significantly more than you first think. In short, I carry my camera more now.

I purchased my second Domke bag last week, the F-2 Ruggedwear. I wanted just a little more room. I'm usually carrying this thick Lee filter book (holds 10 rect. filters) and have always fought where to carry it. Amazingly, it fits in the side pocket of an F-2...tad snug but workable.

We got a rare snow in GA yesterday. Rare that it snowed at all, and rarer still that is was a very wet snow. I left the office yesterday to steal an hour to shoot some snow shots. Some of those shots are in the nature section.

I stayed outside for roughly an hour in a relatively hard snow yesterday. Several times I looked at the Domke on my side, noticing the thick layer of snow on the hood of the bag.

I brushed it off once or twice during the shoot, but had to again before getting back in the vehicle. The first image is what the bag looked like when I got in the vehicle. I had knocked the snow and as much of the water as I could off the bag before putting it in the seat.


The second is a shot inside the bag after I opened it to see what had gotten wet.

There was no sign of moisture in the bag at all. I felt inside the top pocket to see if I felt it there. I did not.


That's as bad of circumstances I'm likely to be in while carrying a shoulder bag. I had nearly stopped shooting from fear of my non weather-sealed 5D getting damaged (I had it out on the tripod). The only drop of water I saw on the inside was one that fell from my hat when I looked inside. :)

I'm sure it's not as good as a rain cover like many of the Lowepro's I've owned had, but it certainly seems to be adequate.[/QUOTE]

On another note, I'm glad I finally tried a Domke. :)


dafiryde 03-06-2010 09:27 PM

[QUOTE=jcothron;1440]***I'm posting this short story hear at the suggestion that Domke may want to hear it. The full thread including responses can be found at:


On another note, I'm glad I finally tried a Domke. :)


This is a very comforting review.


Arnaud 03-08-2010 02:16 AM

Not surprised.
Everybody beleive the canvas is not waterproof ; he could be, but the photographer will certainly go undercover before.
Last month, I covered the 65th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz extermination camp in Poland. Snow and 23°C temperture below zero.
My only concern was to let my F1X down on the ground. Not for humidity but for dirt patches he got underside.
Back home I bought a rain cover in a military surplus store, to be put in the back zipped pocket when I am on assignment by hazardous weather. Very useful and easy to operate.
I consider my F1x as the best 'basis' ever, like a combat aircraft equiped depending of the mission.

marrydavidson101 04-09-2010 11:53 PM

I've had the f-2 ruggedwear bag for about 6 months and just ordered the fx-3 for when I don't need all my gear and want a smaller bag. I started to get the regular canvas just for something different, but after a glance and touch of my ruggedwear f-2, I got the smaller bag in the same. I think it looks great but I also like the look of the black canvas with the red logo, and the green, and the sand...they all look good. It's the feel that sold me. The waxwear/ruggedwear is so soft and flexible and comfortable against me when carrying it. It has a smooth but tough feel. The canvas is surely wonderful but I think it would be hard to improve on the ruggedwear.

erwin.zeez 05-07-2010 05:07 AM

I dont know what those bag have any them, but I consider the padding in the Domke inserts to be better than what I see in most other camera bags. Most bags are far too soft to offer any actual protection but the padding Domke uses is more thick/dense and might actually offer some impact absorption.

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