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henryharris 07-08-2010 10:02 AM

FA-211 1 Compartment Large Inserts and F-2 4 Compartment inserts - lined in grey felt
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I have just got my F-2 - its great!

It came with an unusual 4 compartment insert however - it has grey lining and the four compartment divider can be moved around as it is attached by velcro - is this new?

I had just returned an F4AF bag which had a large FA211 insert with the same grey fluffy 'felt' inside. I bought an FA-211 from amazon which had the traditional all green shiny material inside and out....what I'd like to do is get an FA-211 with the soft grey lining inside to match (as I had in the F4AF) so that I can also use velcro dividers in it....is this a standard product? (the bags and inserts were bought from Calumet and Amazon respectively).

For info I am able to get a 50D + prime lens in the large 1 compartment insert, alongside 4/5 (obviously) lenses in the 4 compartment insert....it works great - if only i could get a soft lined Fa211!

Rather poor pics to explain below!


admin 07-09-2010 08:07 AM

Hi Henry,
We have been changing over to the new "fluffy felt" inside over the last year. This includes both inside the bags and the inserts that are purchased individually. I would say that most dealers should have the new ones by now.


henryharris 07-10-2010 08:45 AM

Hi andrea

Thank you for the reply.

Is the new 4 compartment insert bigger than the old one?? (ie the fluffy one is larger than the old green nylon one?)

Same question RE the FA-211 insert?

I tried putting the FA211 (fluffy) from an F4AF into an F-2 rugged wear (with a green 4 compartment insert) and they both fitted well....but when now i have purchased and try putting a shiny green fa211 into my f2 alongside the fluffy 4 compartment provided it SEEMS more of a squeeze than when i tested it?

You can jiggle things round and it does fit albeit less well with the velcro it seems?


admin 07-16-2010 09:58 AM

Hi Henry,
All inserts have been changed to the "fluffy ones". We made every attempt to make them the same size, but if you make the inside the same size then the outside is a little bigger and if you make the outside the same size than the inside is a little smaller. We tried to compromise a bit.


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