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Quiros 07-16-2010 04:45 AM

Are video tripod heads between models/brands interchangeable?
I am buying a $200 Davis and Sanford video tripod. It's main drawback is its weight (over 10 lbs.). It will not be for shoots where I am moving around a lot. I want to know if I can buy another set of lighter tripod legs for more mobility, and attach the head from my other tripod to it? Are tripod heads universal between different models and even tripod brands? Would be nice to know before making an investment. Thanks!

Jason Schneider 07-16-2010 11:15 AM

D&S Video Tripod
We assume that you are considering the Davis & Sanford ProVista 7518. If this is the case, the ProVista GR18 is a bit lighter and will work well for your video application. However there is nothing else in the line that will provide equal stability and be significantly lighter in weight.
As far as changing the head, this should be a simple screw-on swap since all D&S and most other brands of tripod use a standard 3/8x16 fitting. Good luck, and good shooting, Jason Schneider

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