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Jim Domke 11-11-2010 12:33 PM

Photojournalism Today

[B]12 Things Photo Students Need To Know/Study Before Graduation[/B] - A ...
By Grover Sanschagrin

Check out this interesting link to a conversation with [I]Rochester Institute[/I] photojournalism professor William Snyder who after graduating in 1980 from RIT won numerous awards working as staff photographer at the [B]Miami News[/B] and [B]Dallas Morning News[/B]. His dream as a student was to be a newspaper photographer, but today he says technology has changed PJ.

PJ is multi-media, using motion and sound, and also, today we are flooded with images so he sees growth in the need for photo editing.

Check out the photo of him in 1980! He's using the F2 Domke Bag.

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