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Jim Domke 08-19-2008 11:40 PM

Great Wall of China
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There are a lot of photogs in China this summer covering the Olympics in Beijing, but back in 1984 Hal Stolzle, Rocky Mountain News photographer didn't see many tourists when he visited the Great Wall of China.

He didn't want a boring cliche photo so when he saw an army soldier he walked over and put his made in the USA, brown F2 Domke Bag in the soldier's shoulder. A little stunned, the soldier reached up and took the bag off his soldier. But it was just enough time for Hal to take a souvenier photo.

I liked it and made a postcard from the photo. See attachment.

A lot of changes since Stolzle took the photo as athletes compete in China, the Domke Bag is still made in America.

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