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Domke Gripper Utility Strap - steel or nylon?
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Default Domke Gripper Utility Strap - steel or nylon?

I have been looking for a replacement strap for my bag as the existing strap had metal QR clips which were gradually rubbing against and eroding the D-Rings on the bag - sooner or later they would have worn right through. I decided to get a strap with nylon fixtures so that my bag would last longer.

After searching the web I noticed that on the Domke site and on all vendors sites the Domke Gripper Utility strap is listed as having [I]'durable nylon swivel hooks at both ends'[/I].

I purchased the strap based on this information. However now I have the strap I am convinced that the swivel hooks are metal. They feel cold like metal and they sound like metal when tapped together.

Please can someone either confirm or refute this as the whole point of buying this strap was because of the nylon fixtures!

Perhaps they used to be nylon and are now metal and the website has not been updated yet?

Thank you.
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