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Default Bag Selection Help

As if this is not probably the most asked question on this, or most forums, but regardless here it is. I have been looking for a great bag to carry and shoot out of and have been really impressed with the Domke bags. I am looking to carry a Nikon D3000 with the kit lenses (18-55vr and 55-200vr) plus a 35mm 1.8 prime and a flash unit (sb400/600). Along with this I will carry the essential accessories, filters 2, or 3, blower, lens pen, small cleaning cloth, extra batteies for camera (1-2) and for the flash (1 set), extra memory cards (3), trash bag rolled up for weather protection (conditions dictating). I am looking at the F-3X in olive, do you think I'm in the right size? Any Suggestions?

Also now that I have seen the Domke line I am looking for a small bag tp carry my MacBook Pro (13"), power pack, small external HD, pens, a couple of magazines and maybe a notepad, or folder) I have been looking at either the F-808, or the F-802 (really liking the 802 looks like it's thinner which I like since the MBP is so thin) Again, any suggestions, or recommendations?
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