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I took a trip to my local camera store and they actually had a F3X there, I looked at it and it was actually bigger than what I thought it would be and I really did not dig the way it is divided, it did not look like I could find anyway to use the space exactly like I wanted to. Also I'm still not sure about the lack of padding, on one hand I like how soft and moldable it makes the bag, but on the other I feel like I would at least like some level of protection. My concern with the lack of protection comes from the fact that I do not have a pro level body, or lenses and I'm sure they are a little more fragile than the ones that a photo journalist would carry as the bags are designed for. I saw a Tamrac Adventure Messenger 3 that was a great size and I really liked the divider system that it came with it was very flexible and I could see how I could use it with the camera and a lense pointing down in the center, one lense on one side with another under it and the flash on the other side. I did not like how much of a camera bag it looked like and how it bounced against my side/hip when I carried it in the store. So my question is does anyone know of a Domke bag that would be similar, I am now looking online at Domke F-8, F-5XB, any input, or suggestions as to how this would fit my equipment would be appreciated, as well as any inserts you would recommend. I would not really see myself carrying more than I originally listed, maybe even less as I learn more about photography, I'm all for carrying just what you need and nothing more when it comes to gear and I love the look and design of the Domke bags.
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