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Looks like I got a fake as well from a U.K based seller,Pixlamb on E-bay but am not looking forward to wading through e-bays resolution process and might just have to take it on the chin.I have had a similar experience to an earlier poster i.e poorly stitched Velcro and a blank zip pull.It is a very good copy,but the quality of the finishing gives it away.I paid £79 for mine and I thought it was a grey import from the U.S at that price as the retail price in America is a lot less than in Europe.The guy is a business seller and has a lot of Neg. feedback for selling counterfeit gear but is still merrily knocking it out.At the time I bought it he was just starting to sell them and the only negs he had were regarding memory cards,so I thought he was a genuine reseller.
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