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[QUOTE=s2000c;1170]dear jon
thank for your reply, i need is a [U]shoulder strap [/U]
i went to singapore for enquire but they said dont have replacement, i will try contact malaysia distributor tomorrow...
Tiffen seems to use a few photos even where they're not the exact item being described. If you read the description, you'll see that the strap I linked to is the 2" replacement strap for Domke's bags. They sell a 1.5" one for the F-5 series of bags as well, but IIRC the F6 uses the 2" strap as the words describe. If you can't find it locally you might try ordering from the US. [URL=""]Adorama lists it[/URL] (however the description matches Tiffen's photo while the picture matches the Tiffen description). [url=]B&H Photo[/url] shows it as out of stock in both black and tan, but the picture and description agree and describe the replacement bag strap not the camera strap.
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