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Patent 101
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Default Patent 101

January issue of Professional Photography Magazine features an article on 5 photographers who solved problems with innovtion. [url][/url]

The Domke Bag is one of the products, along with Lensbaby by Craig Strong, Wall Mirageby Michelle Wood, Radio Popper by Kevin King and Chimera/Plume lightbanks by Gary Regester.

For the Domke Bag is was a problem with the union requiring the company furnish cars to photogs. Before they had leased one for each photographer, but this contract resulted in just 7 cars for 18 photographers. We had to take a taxi or subway to the assignment. The trunk was no longer our camera bag.

It had to be a shoulder bag, but all the fishing bags and book bags wouldn't hold up. The paper said they'd buy 20 bags, I was in business.

Gary Regester says that "any good idea will be copied within a year, so he stays in front of the pack with new inventions and improvements on existing ones." He has several new products with Lowel Lights.

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