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You are correct
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Jeff Laitila
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Default You are correct


I've tried a lot of different straps over the years, but was never totally satisfied until I tried my first Domke Gripper strap.

They are the perfect combination of materials and engineering. They are everything you need in a strap, and nothing that you don't.

Since switching to the Domke Gripper strap I have l kept my eye out for a better carrying solution for my cameras, and from time to time have purchased some rather high end straps to see if they would be better. But they never have the same "just right" feel of the Domke. Either they grip too tightly, not allowing the camera to easily slide off your shoulder when you raise the camera to take a shot, or they slide off too easily. Also he materials can be a ot les comfprtable than the high quality cotton Domke straps.

With the Domke Gripper strap I find that it has the perfect amount of "gription" (for lack of a better word) that keeps the camera right where it is supposed to be when not in use, the weight of the cameras ensuring a snug slip-proof hold. But as soon as you lift the camera to use it, the amount of "gription" instantly reduces, allowing the strap to slide and adjust to the new shooting position.

Domke straps also only get better with age, becoming soft and supple, but loosing none of their gripping power. They easily and comfortably wrap around your wrist when you want to carry your gear one-handed.

My days of looking for a better strap are pretty much over. (Unless that is, Domke comes out with an even better strap...) I am completely satisfied with my Domke Gripper straps and recommend them to any serious shooter who prefers that their gear be as transparent a part as of the shooting process, allowing them to focus fully on getting the shot.
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