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Andrea I truly appreciate the quality that you bring to this forum.

Can something be done to improve labelling on display bags in stores?
I couldn't for the life of me figure out which model was which until I yanked them down off the rack and dug deep.
I probably looked at bags 6 or 7 times at Henry's and didn't buy. I'm sure I bought another competitor's bag during this interval. (My name is Dave. I'm a bagaholic.)
I've found Henry's store help less than helpful when I'm looking at bags. So I"ve been on my own.

I've been a Domke customer for a long time. My vest is about 20 years old; I've probably had more than 10 straps on different cameras and bags.

Question 2:
Would it be expensive to add the rubber gripper material to the second side of the straps? It would be easier to put a camera on my shoulder if I didn't have to choose the strap side and be so careful putting it on. Just a thought.


edit: first better camera was a Nikon F2 photomic I bought new when first out. Been around a while and I've bought 2 many bags.

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