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[QUOTE=gazkw;940]just checked mine as well (F3x ruggedwear)... same thing issue as hbyeo - the base padding is insufficient to cover the entire bottom.

this is not so with my J3 where the entire base is covered nicely with padding.

this is very disappointing as domke is marketed as a quality bag, photographers for photographers and yet we see such fundamental design flaws in new products. what happened to the attention to detail on older products?

anyway of getting anyone's attention to get this rectified?

i sure hope domke products are not going downhill...[/QUOTE]

Funny you mentioned this... I just checked my F3x and it's exactly the same. The interesting tidbit is that mine is anchored in the middle, so there is about a little less than an inch on both sides exposed. I suppose this explains the mysterious crack on my Nikon SB-800?! However, the base of my J3 is covered nicely with padding as well. Sadly, I am in Thailand and won't be back in the US for a while, so I can't do anything about it any time soon :(
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