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Magnum's Dave Harvey talks about bags
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Default Magnum's Dave Harvey talks about bags

Okay, he needs something to carry film and hide his camera while shooting the carnival in Rio. [URL=""][/URL]

He ends up going to a handbag shop! The bag will meet his needs, but it probably will be tattered and need to be replaced before he goes to another assignment.

This is turning into a fashion show. :-) :p

BTW - Back when David Harvey was going to the University of Missouri School of Journalism in 1970, he didn't need a camera bag, he still used only a Leica IIIF and one lens (50mm). I had a friend stationed in Vietnam buy me a Nikon F with 24mm and a 180mm f/2.8, then I needed a Might Lite strobe and this started me buying fishing bags. (Tried a hard attache case, but had to set it down to take photos and a car ran over it.)
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