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Do you need more than one tripod?
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Default Do you need more than one tripod?

The best tripod is the one you actually take with you. The second most important consideration is stability. That's why it's best to have a sturdy travel tripod that weighs about 4 pounds or less and folds to 24 inches or less, and a larger medium-sized tripod for home/studio use that provides maximum stability and can be used with super telephoto lenses, for macro photography, etc. For point-and-shoot cameras it's also great to have a mini tripod that can be set up on a tabletop or other flat, secure surface, and will fit in a small camera bag when folded. Which one do you buy first? It depends on your shooting priorities, but I will be happy to make suggestions if you tell me your budget and use profile. Jason Schneider, Moderator:
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