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Up and around the F-808
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Default Up and around the F-808

First, I love your bags and almost use them exclusively (even though they are hard to come by here in Norway). Thank you guys for the some of the fantastic products you supply!

Now I´m looking around for more info on the F-808, which I hope will carry both my laptop (MacBook Air) and my dSLR(s). From the specs it would seem that this would be possible with the use of the laptop insert plus a 3-compartment 720-230 (minus some padding?). If I don´t use the front pocket for charger and the likes, but put them in one of the three compartments, it might just work out great. My Olympus E-3 has quite a large prism, so I´ll need all the space I can get in front of it.

The thing is, I´ve been looking around for the [U]actual size of the laptop insert[/U], but can´t seem to find it anywhere. The width and height I would guess is approximately about the same as the interior dimensions (11"W x 13"H), but I can´t really tell from the photos how much padding is used for the laptop insert, so I don´t know how much it fills out depth wise.

As the laptop insert does not seem to be any velcro on the front of it, I´ll have to stick some on when I get it.
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