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Davis & Sanford V12 Fluid Head pan stuck
Old 06-29-2010, 03:49 AM
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Default Davis & Sanford V12 Fluid Head pan stuck

I purchased a Davis & Sanford V12 Fluid Head and it is almost impossible to pan it right and left. At first i thought it wasn't able to do so but then started to think that was strange.

So, I took it off my tripod and tried twisting the part that seems it should turn and almost gave up thinking it wasn't supposed to twist but it finally started to twist but it is supper tight and way hard to twist. I thought maybe if I did it long enough it would loosen up but it wont.

The only way to pan is if I don't tighten the head onto my tripod all the way but that leaves kinda the head wobbly and loose with a chance of me dropping my camera.

Did I just get a bad head or is there a way to fix or adjust this thing?

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