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[QUOTE=Superbaldguy;1464]I am the happy owner of several Domke bag products. I have the F-1X, F2, F4-AF and the F-803 satchel. I used to have an F-5X bag, but sold it with a compact digital camera system.

The F6 looks to be sort of a cross between the larger F1-X and maybe the F3, but it is that different from the original F2 in many respects?

Question for Mr. Domke - why do your bags cost about double up here in Canada as to what they sell for in the States?[/QUOTE]

You are right they are a bit expensive, but I love my old F2.It's tough, it's roomy, it carries what I need, it doubles as a travel bag, and it looks nothing like most other Camera bags! Yep, I love it!
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