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Which bag for all my gear?
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Default Which bag for all my gear?

I'm thinking about purchasing a shoulder bag as I'm getting tired of carrying my backpack around all the time. I shoot sports for my school's web site and being an athletic trainer I get the luxury of being at most of the games. I like to have most of gear with me because you just never know!! This is what will be in the bag: 40D with grip, 1Ds, 85mm, 28-135mm, 70-200 2.8 IS, 100-400 an 430ex flash. Right now I'm looking at 3 bags, J-1, J-2 and F-2. I know the dimensions of the J-2 and F-2 are the same and I'm leaning more torwards one them. I'm used to having backpacks so this is all new to me. Thanks for advice.

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