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[QUOTE=Trius;1084]I have an F6 and the F5X-B, both in sand. I prefer the sand for all my Domke bags because I think it looks pretty inconspicuous, but also because of the heat issue, as mentioned. I do have an olive F-802, which I bought this weekend in as new condition, from a friend who no longer needed it. I like the colour, and as I live in Southern Ontario and western New York state, a lot of the time heat sink won't be an issue. In addition, its main purpose will be as a notebook/laptop bag, with camera gear secondary, so it will be inside a lot.

If you don't think heat absorption is an issue with cameras, then you might want to do an experiment. One day when I was shooting an outdoor event on a very hot (~35C) summer day, I kept my excess gear and film in the back of my white pickup truck with a white fibreglass cap on the bed. I was really glad for that setup, as the gear and film were a full 10deg or more cooler than if they had been in the full sun or a dark coloured vehicle. Of course I had parked under a tree that helped, but I think you need every advantage you can get. Why tempt fate?[/QUOTE]

i know heat is an issue for film, but not sure how much for digital, then again too much of something is never good

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